A scientist and a vicar walk into a bar. Joining forces to solve a perplexing mystery, they discover the real meaning of faith, knowledge, love and the importance of keeping an open mind.

The God Particle is a romantic comedy with a hint of sci-fi from award-winning co-writer of BBC1’s Miranda, BBC3’s Bluestone 42 and Radio 4’s Another Case of Milton Jones. It’s deep, smart, and very funny.

 “...moments of great hilarity...  quite simply a show that just works.” **** Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe


Filmed at a performance of the play in front of a live audience at The Merlin Theatre in Frome, the includes an interview with the cast, Anna Newcome and Joshua Leese, and the writer/director, James Cary.

Running time c. 80 mins. Suitable for 12+.

Produced by Kairos Film and Media.

Artwork by Debbie Saunders. Photograph by Jack Lawson.

Music by Joshua Lucas

You can now get The God Particle for 1-2 households as a download/streaming here.

The DVDs are no longer available.

Making the most of the God Particle

The God Particle presents a great opportunity for those in and outside the church to discuss faith and science through a shared experience.


You could have a watch party where many watch it at home at the same time and then you could discuss it afterwards with some discussion questions provided.

For buy, the God Particle Multiple package for up to nine other households (10 in total).

Available here